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Sinfully smart Cloud solutions

What we do #

We design and build lean and secure Cloud-native systems. We also train people in Cloud-native ways of working.

How can we help you? #

Devil Mice Labs offer a diverse portfolio of services targeting Google Cloud and AWS. Our focus areas:

  • Machine learning and MLOps.
  • High-throughput serverless and event-driven systems.
  • Application migration and modernisation, deployment automation.
  • Advanced load-balancing, multi-Cloud and hybrid networking.
  • Training and troubleshooting.

Our values #

We avoid commercial ties to Cloud vendors so that we can offer you uncompromisingly honest, transparent, and impartial advice.

We are dedicated to the continuous pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

We enjoy helping people.

Free consultation #

We don’t have salespeople. But you can speak directly to an experienced Cloud practitioner instead 😉

No strings attached. No pressure. No unwanted follow-ups. We promise!